How to view your 3D photo on your device.

Notebook, tablet & smartphone

You can view your photo in 3D on your notebook, tablet or smartphone in wiggle mode. For an even more spectacular effect, choose red/cyan. You'll need the cool retro glasses for the latter option. Visit the My Trums page to access your private photos.

Download & Save



3D smart tv

Connect your usb storage device to your 3D smart TV. In most cases the 3D TV will automaticly detect the usb device. Navigate to the Photo/Picture viewer, select a Left/Right image and turn it fullscreen. On a Samsung 3D smart TV recognized by:

Photos, Videos & Music

If you own a smart TV with Internet apps, you can use a photo viewing app on your TV to access images you’ve stored on Select the app center on your TV—i.e. Samsung Smart TV, Vizio Internet Apps Plus, Panasonic Life+ Screen or LG Smart+ Web OS to name a few. Each manufacturer has a unique name for its service.


Press the 3D button on your remote if your 3D TV does not switch automatically.
Put on your 3D glasses


If you purchased a high-end Android phone after 2013, like the HTC One M8 (and HTC One M7), LG G3 (and LG G2), Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (and Galaxy Note 3) and Samsung Galaxy S5 (and Galaxy S4), your phone may have a micro HDMI-out port. In that case, seeing your photos is a simple matter of connecting your phone to your TV with a micro-HDMI-to-HDMI cable.

Playstation 4

Apple TV

Nintendo 3DS

Dimenco’s glasses-free displays are connected & controlled via a PC or laptop. The supported format is 2D+Z-depth. You can view your 2D+Z-depth photo using your web browser in fullscreen mode.

When you have saved your photos onto your harddrive, the dimenco player is needed for viewing the files.

Oculus Rift

Trummy does support the legendary Oculus Rift. We provide an awesome VR experience with a special Oculus Rift left/right format.