Does Trummy reject images?

Trummy accepts all kind of images as long as it is not illegal content.

How does trummy convert photos to 3d?

This is done by hand

Can I upload any file format?

Trummy supports the following file extensions: png & jpg

Does Trummy convert stereo photos?

At the moment Trummy does not accept stereo photos. Trummy loves plain old 2D images and turns them in magical handcrafted 3D photos. Maybe we might add a special tool for stereo to multiview. Let us know if you are interested.

Is every image suited for 3d conversion?

Theoretically we can transform any photo to 3D but for some photos the 3D effect would be better. Read more on out 3D Photo tips page Furthermore: every photo is manually checked by a 3D artist, if the 3D effect will be minimal we will contact you by sending you an email.

What is Trummy?

A portal where you can transform your 2D digital photo to a 3D digital photo.

What is the workflow?

When you upload a photo a 3D artist will create a depth map. This dept map will be processed with Trummies patented 3D software. Within 48 hours you will receive a mail that your 3D images is ready in your private 3D section available on the Trummy website when you are signed in.